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About the project

Medical Research Hub is an international project originated from Aarhus University, Denmark. The project has been launched to make it easier for established as well as new scientific researchers in the field of health sciences to find specific information about different parts of the research process and the research universe, conduction of research, and tips and tricks.


Improved public health as well as lower healthcare costs is a result of higher treatment quality, prevention, and new knowledge about health and disease. This is again the result of high quality medical research. Thu, medical research is essential and a necessity in the modern society.


The aim is to gather all existing and future knowledge and information about conducting research in the area of health science and thereby (1) provide health professionals and scientific health researchers with a unified entrance to the research universe, the elements of the research process and the research profession to accelerate the production and increase the quality of health research as well as (2) support the dissemination of evidence-based medicine.